Care, Maintenance and Warranty Information

Care & Maintenance

This is a one of a kind hand crafted piece designed and made to last. With a bit of care and love you will have this forever.

Made from only the best products, this concrete has been sealed with the best products and cured over time to ensure its excellence in stain, acid and scratch resistance

Properly sealed polished concrete bench tops are designed to offer high performance with low maintenance. Only a little common sense is needed in caring for your New Form Concreting bench top:

  • Wipe as you go, using a soft damp cloth to wipe down your bench tops.
  • If you encounter stubborn stains, use a mild non-abrasive cleanser.
  • Avoid exposure to products with high ph levels such as oven cleaner. Rinse immediately to neutralise the effect, and then follow usual cleaning procedure.
  • Avoid exposure to paint strippers, bleach and nail polish remover. Rinse immediately with clean water to neutralise the effect, and then follow usual cleaning procedure.
  • Avoid exposure to high impact, especially on the edges.
  • Avoid excessive weight being placed on your bench top, such as people standing on your bench top.

Stubborn Stains and Dried Spills

New Form Concreting high-end sealers provide great resistance to most foods used in the kitchen such as wine, fruit juices, liquid food colouring, tea and spices with strong colours. For dried spills, remove solids first. A wet cloth is recommended for any stubborn stains. If needed use a non-acidic and non-abrasive cleanser and rinse well with water. Avoid forceful scrubbing as this may result in a loss of shine and remove the protective sealer.

 Direct Sunlight

With the correct sealer, polished concrete is a suitable product to be used outdoors, but exposure to direct sunlight and weather may result in a slight colour change over an extended period and ongoing maintenance may be required more regularly.

 Heat Resistance

Placing hot items directly onto your polished concrete bench top is not recommended. Although it is heat resistant, excessive localised heat may result in damage to the concrete due to thermal shock. Hot cookware such as hot skillets, pots, and saucepans should always be placed onto trivets and heat mats, not directly onto the surface.

Scratches, Cracks and Edge Chipping

Like all bench top materials, overtime the sealer on concrete bench tops can develop scratches and abrasive marks. To minimise this always use a chopping board and avoid dragging heavy items or items with a sharp or rough bottom.

As with all stone bench tops concrete is susceptible to chipping and cracking. Avoid impact on edges and the surface with hard objects. Areas around voids such as sink and oven cutouts are weak points and can form hairline cracks. The damage is aesthetic and not structural. A damaged counter top edge or surface (including the stone edge for an under-mount sink) is not indicative of defective material.

 Ongoing Maintenance

If over the years your concrete bench top develops scratches, stains or signs of general wear, the surface can be rejuvenated by sanding it back and reapplying new sealer. Contact New Form Concreting regarding its ongoing maintenance program.

Please note: New Form Concreting Care and Maintenance Guide must be read in conjunction with New Form Concreting Warranty.


Warranty Information

New Form Concreting warrants our concrete bench tops for a period of five (5) years, from the original date of purchase. We warrant that the product will be free from manufacturing defects provided the product is installed and/or fabricated by a certified New Form Concreting fabricator/installer. 

New Form Concreting is not responsible for labour or installation charges, removal and/or disposal charges of existing bench tops or any other expenses associated with a defective product. New Form Concreting sole responsibility is replacement, exchange, or repair of a defective product.


This warranty does not cover:

  • use of the bench top for any commercial purpose
  • edge chipping, surface damage caused by wear and tear, cracking or discolouration due to the product being subjected to high heat or damage caused by improper use or abuse including damage from mishandling or misuse, cracking around voids and cutouts, exposure to ultra violet light, damage from physical or chemical abuse and damage from improper care and maintenance including, but not limited to, damage caused by cleaning with abrasive substances
  • scratches or stains
  • any chemical damage
  • damage to the product because it has been fabricated or installed in an improper manner or contrary to any specifications outlined by New Form Concreting
  • any failures to bench tops or cabinetry due to inadequate support or un-level cabinetry for the installation
  • the altering of any factory-applied finish
  • additional modifications such as plumbing, electrical, tile, cabinets, flooring, etc. that may be necessary to repair or replace the New Form Concreting product covered under this warranty
  • chipping or pinholes occurring during fabrication or through ongoing use
  • seam appearance or seam performance
  • hairline cracking around cutouts during or after installation
  • products that have not been paid in full
  • routine maintenance and minor conditions such as stains, acid etching, revealing of pinholes, and water spots that are a function of proper care and maintenance and which may be corrected by following the techniques specified in the Care & Maintenance Guide

 This warranty applies only to bench tops that have been permanently installed in residences and that have not been moved from original installations.

This warranty is not transferable during the warranty period to any subsequent owner of the residence in which the surface product was originally installed.

The warranty does not apply where the defect is trivial or insubstantial and where the product is installed with known or visible manufacturing defects at time of installation, including but not limited to colour variance or flatness deviation beyond reason.

Any claim under the warranty will not be recognised or accepted and the warranty does not apply if: 

  • the claim is not supported by proof of the purchase of the product from New Form Concreting within five (5) years 
  • the claim is not made within a reasonable period after the defect in the product would have become apparent to a reasonable person
  • the product alleged to be defective is not made available for inspection and testing by New Form Concreting or its authorised representatives or consultants.

 Special Note:

Concrete bench tops are poured in moulds, therefore when they are removed from the mould they will have some pinholes or bubbles along with other voids, “character markings”, and discolourations. These will become more pronounced and increase in number as the bench top is polished. These holes will be filled but with age some further pinholes may appear in the surface. These are not considered manufacturing defects; rather it is a reflection of the ongoing patina of the concrete product. Areas around voids and cutouts are a weak point and are susceptible to cracks. These are not manufacturing defects and due to the reinforcing used, these cracks are not structural rather aesthetic.


We use only the best food grade sealers possible to ensure the best stain and scratch resistance, unfortunately all sealers have the ability to scratch. To ensure your concrete lasts, please use a chopping board and care.